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Apr 20

LASIK Eye Surgery Gone Wrong! Stay Away from Anklesaria (Dr. Zarksis) if You Love Your Eyes

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In May 2008 I had posted about my laser eye surgery. The experience deserves some explanations with a hope that many would benefit and save themselves from a Fraud.

Firstly, It was LASIK and Not IntraLASE asΒ told by Dr. Zarksis Anklesaria at Anklesaria Hospital, Soldier Bazar, Karachi.

I had to put on glasses after only 3 months, and i have been wearing it since after.

I was diagnosed with Keratoconus.Β Dr. Zarksis had topography results and he must have known this. LASIK is not possible with Keratoconus and may result in total loss of vision. But Dr. Zarksis not only dealt me like a test subject, he even did not mention about the disease ever.

Currently I have been visiting Dr. Shareef Hashmani at Hashmani’s Hospital yearly with Topography tests to see if eyes are showing any regressive behavior. Thankfully eyes are safe, and would need 3 more years of topography reading since it probably would not change after i turn 30.

If you are looking for a laser surgery, I highly recommend Dr. Shareef Hashmani and make sure You never ever think about Anklesaria.

Jan 19

What am I up to?

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As usual, I don’t actively write anything here even after promising multiple times. Just to give a glance on what am i doing these days, I just summarized my schedules and on-going activities.

Went through the toughest semester at IU, finished it up with 3.3 GPA at last. New semester has just started yesterday.

I have not been able to go anywhere for past couple of months. Its been a long time since i saw the beach!

Don’t ask! Shot few photos at cousin’s wedding last week. I can’t find myself enough time to test my new D90 thoroughly. Might plan a trip coming sunday πŸ™‚

Oh, I never mentioned, my latest project is, which is passing through a tough emergence period. The site covers daily Pakistani Recipes aired on Geo TV, Masala TV, and ARY Zauq.
For past couple of hours, I have been trying to integrate current user database and login system with vBulletin 4, which is quite a headache, and unexpectedly driving me crazy with little, complicated, Fatal errors.

Future Plans
Since is declining, and I don’t see any growth opportunity, I’m trying to divert its current visitors to a related, new website, which could at least help me cover server expenses and other projects development and marketing cost.

Jan 4

Got the Nikon D90 finally

Nikon D90

After waiting almost a year, finally got the slightly used Nikon D90 with 18-105mm lens today.

Personally i do not like 18-105mm for its high barrel distortion. 16-85mm can be an ideal lens, but cost Rs.50,000+ πŸ™

Dec 19

My Luckiest day on Google Adsense

Tuesday, March 06, 2007, My Luckiest day on Google Adsense, earned me US$ 667.65 πŸ™‚


Sep 27

History Changes, Pakistan beats India in Champions Trophy at last

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Congratulations to all Pakistanis!!!!
Pakistan finally beats India in the Champions Trophy. I’m literally jumping with happiness πŸ˜€

Inshallah we will win the Final tooo πŸ™‚

Aug 14

Happy Independence Day

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Wishing everyone a very Happy Independence Day..
I hope to see all issues that Pakistan is currently facing, resolved very soon.

Jun 21

Finally, we are the Champions :)

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Despite of lack of coordination between the team mates and the management, we were finally able to balance the loss we had on the same day, in the same ground, against Australia, in the WorldCup 1999 final. It was quite unexpected for this team to make into final. Most of them are young and inexperienced, but they have proved to be the great talent.

Best of all, Afridi seemed sensible. It would be great if he continues the same momentum. Umer Gul, Kamran Akmal, and Aamir done the good job too. I would love to see the same spirit in the Champions Trophy πŸ™‚

Congratulations to all Pakistanis for the T20 Cup, and the Victory in Swat πŸ™‚

Jan 28

LinkDotNet downgraded my DSL Package!

For the past few days i was noticing a slower speed on my DSL. At first LinkDotNet’s customer service department was trying to convince me that it was only because of the shared connection, and i would not get lower than 30Kbytes per second. I had almost made my mind to move to PTCL πŸ˜€ and said okay, good bye! While browsing through modem’s control panel, i eventually noticed the incorrect connection information! it was written 532/128 instead of 1051/285 (LDN values for 512kbps and 1mpbs), called them back, waited for 10 minutes to catch a representative, and got it resolved within next 5 minutes πŸ™‚

Moral of the story: Do not trust PTCL, LinkDotNet, or any other company. They would fool you up any time! Keep an eye on every thing you are paying for.


Jan 13

New Design updated Finally!

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I have finally done with the new theme πŸ™‚ I hope you guys will like it.
I would also be updating many things very soon.. keep watching!

PS: subscribe to RSS Feeds

Dec 23

MBA Exams.. wish me good luck!

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Result Update: I got 3.5 GPA πŸ™‚ A in IT for Managers and Self Management Skills. B+ in Accouting and Managerial Communication. And C in Management(ruined my expectations) πŸ™

Having done with Managerial Communication final last week, I will be appearing in Self Management Skills and Account exams on Thursday, Management is on Saturday, and IT for Managers on Monday!

I would be done with 8 courses in total.. and 2nd Semester at Iqra University (including summer) πŸ™‚ I hope to do good in exam!

Thank you for reading this post and remembering me in your prayers πŸ™‚

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