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Jan 13

New Design updated Finally!

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I have finally done with the new theme 🙂 I hope you guys will like it.
I would also be updating many things very soon.. keep watching!

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Sep 30

Eid Mubarak to All Muslims!!

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I wish everyone a very Happy Eid, And I wish everyone’s wishes come true!

My wishes are especially with the people of Pakistan, living in the border areas, who are suffering from tentions every now and then! I hope all that so-called war-against-terrorism ends very soon and people live a happy and peaceful life.

And I pray, Allah! please show our leaders the right path, and help us with the tough time we are going through here in Pakistan.

Aug 14

Pakistan Tour – Back to Karachi

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Photo GalleryUpdating Daily

I am back 🙂 here is the date-wise detail of the tour:

Aug 06, 2008: Left Karachi at 4:00 AM; reached lahore in about 18.5 hours.
Aug 07, 2008: Left Lahore via GT Road, had lunch with a friend in Gujranwala, Reached Murree, and slept.
Aug 08, 2008: Left Murree, Drove through Ayyubia, Nathiagali, Abottabad, Mansehra, and Balakot.. Reached Shogran at night and stayed there.
Aug 09, 2008: Visited Siri and Payye in Jeep, and left for Naran. Reached Naraan in the evening and visited Lake Saif-ul-Maluk via Jeep.
Aug 10, 2008: Visited Jalkhud and Lulusar. Could not visit Noori Top due to bad weather and heavy rain. Left Naran in the evening and reached Muzaffarabad, Azad Jammu Kashmir through Balakot, in the night.
Aug 11, 2008: Visited Pir Chinasi in a Taxi, and left for Multan in the evening
Aug 12, 2008: Reached Multan in the morning, stayed there till night..
Aug 13, 2008: Left for Karachi at 3:00 AM, Reached Karachi in 12 hours 🙂

Total cost incurred Rs. 38000, divided among 4 persons 🙂 We travelled approximately 3600 KM in our car. About Rs.9000 of CNG and Rs.2500 of Petrol used.

The tour was awesome, we enjoyed alot.. will be uploading photos very soon.

Jun 13

65 Online in MSN

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65 Online in MSN, originally uploaded by Zahid Shahid.

As usual 🙂 I don’t see less than 40 online ever.

Jun 13

Netcraft reported as a phishing site

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UPDATE: Netcraft has unblocked on Mistake Report!! Thank GOD!

I submitted a mistake report few hours ago.. and here is their reply:

Thank you for your mistake report of We have reviewed the
site submitted and agree it has been incorrectly classified. We have now
unblocked the site.

Please allow a short period for this change the propagate to the toolbar.

More information about how we calculate risk ratings, please see


— Tom Robertshaw Netcraft Ltd.


Netcraft has reported to enom as a phishing site.

here is the copy of the email sent to enom:

From: Netcraft Phishing Service []
Sent: Tuesday, June 10, 2008 8:19 AM
To: Legal-BLV; Legal-BLV
Subject: Phishing domain registered by enomThe URL below has been confirmed by Netcraft as a phishing

We are reporting it to you because there are indications that
the domain in the url is registered by you. Details:

whois server “”

In response, enom sent me the following email:

Your domain name has been reported as redirecting to a phishing website (see URL below). In order to prevent the possible disabling of your domain name, please take the necessary steps in order have the abusive content disbanded. Failure to comply with this request could result in the placing of a registrar-hold on your domain name, which will block DNS resolution to this domain. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.Regards,

eNom, Inc., a Demand Media company

I don’t what came into their mind before declaring it a phishing site 🙁 I have already contacted eNom about the issue, let see what happens next 🙂

PS: I dont save passwords or any other details at, Terms & Conditions are written there clearly, and user accepts it before using the service!

Jun 1

Sleepy Cat on my Wall

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Sleepy Cat

i haven’t seen a cat like this before.. she was on my wall till 3:00 PM since the early morning today! she used to wake up after every few minutes… stretche her muscles.. and sleep again 😀

May 20

Just got my Garmin GPSMap 60CSx

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I bought Garmin GPSMap 60CSx via ebay for $300 + $42 shipping,  got it delivered in less than 5 days from USA to Karachi via Fedex.

But unluckily Customs held it and asked for the NOC and some complicated Procedure.. I had to go Airport thrice in 2 days, and finally got it cleared through an Agent today 🙂 Total expenditure (including “KHANCHA”) incurred Rs.3500, while Custom Duty was only around Rs.300 🙂 The overall experience with customs was pathetic, Its my last time, I will never buy and ship anything via courier!!

Coming back to the unit, So far I’m loving it.. I have yet to read the manual thoroughly and hope to make good use of this toy 🙂

May 4

IntraLASE Done! – No More Glasses

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I had -6(left) and -5.5(right) and it was quite painful and risky to drive in dark..  So I went for IntraLASE yesterday and feeling superb without glasses now 🙂 Though, i cant see everything clearly at this time and according to the doctor it will take few days to recover from blurriness, While I can see the far away things clear at most of the time!

Mar 12

Windows Crashed, Backup Crashed, UPS Fused

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My UPS battery had already stopped wokring properly, On monday morning when I had electricity outage(quite common in Karachi) i hurried to shutdown my pc.. while it was shutting down windows, the battery gone dead! After 3 hours when i finally got the electricity back, turned on my PC and while windows was loading I saw some heavy spark in power extension and current supply stopped!

After replacing wires i finally managed to turn my PC on, but it didn’t let me load the windows, instead it started to reboot after showing windows XP logo. I tried everything, booted from XP CD, repaired it, but nothing worked! I then Bought External SATA-to-USB Kit and attached the hard Drive to my laptop and noticed that im no more able to access C: 🙂 Attached backup drive and it wasn’t working either, at first it showed up as empty but after trying several times i finally could access a month old backup!. Came back to my desktop, Booted with Acronis True Image Bootable CD and I was able to see all files in C: …. Took a deep breath and felt a bit relaxed! Then I created Acronis True Image Backup file from my old Backup HDD for all windows and system files in C:, transferred it to Flash Drive, Restored to my Desktop HDD, Rebooted, and it worked after running some strange scanning processes and fixing some Disk I/O errors for half an hour.

A Bad Day

After all this I at least slept well at around 2:00 AM, Next day early in the morning I got a new battery, attached it and UPS stopped working.. I just can’t explain how i felt! after contacting Systek they sent a repair guy today in the morning who repaired the UPS and its finally working perfectly!! Everything is UP now! 🙂

Mar 4

Internet in Pakistan – Price war is ON

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Recently with the launch of LinkDotNet and their competitive pricing (256kbps @ Rs.1200, 512kbps @ Rs.1800, 1mbps @ Rs.3900), Maxcom reduced their rates as well (but, 1mbps @ Rs.3600).

I had almost made my mind for MaxCom but PTCL gave another shock! (512kbps @ Rs.1200, 1mbps @ Rs.2000, 2mbps @ Rs.5000) with no Bandwidth limit, and 30% discount for Students. On the other hand, LinkDotNet could not resist and reduced their rates as well to compete PTCL 🙂 , offering 2mbps @ Rs.3900 🙂

It is expected that PTCL would come up with new tarrif in next few days 🙂 while I just noticed the increased speed on my 384kbps Worldcall Broadband, for which I’m paying Rs.1800 per month, it looks like they have upgraded it to 512kbps but its not officially confirmed yet!

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