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Sep 27

History Changes, Pakistan beats India in Champions Trophy at last

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Congratulations to all Pakistanis!!!!
Pakistan finally beats India in the Champions Trophy. I’m literally jumping with happiness 😀

Inshallah we will win the Final tooo 🙂

Aug 14

Happy Independence Day

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Wishing everyone a very Happy Independence Day..
I hope to see all issues that Pakistan is currently facing, resolved very soon.

Nov 29


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As usual, some foreign elements are trying to separate us by raising ethinic issues. They should now admit it that they can’t do anything to Pakistan. We as one nation, must understand who is in our favour  and who is not.

All areas of Pakistan, and all people, including Pathans, Punjabis. Mohajir, Sindhi, Saraiki, Memon, Balti, Balochi, and all others are One Nation. We all are brothers, and respect each other. And we must admit to the fact that we are nothing without each other.

I request all my friends not to believe in anything that is creating problems among Pakistanis. We must stand together when Pakistan is already suffering from serious economic conditions.


Oct 7

Bank Alfalah, MCB and NIB Bankrupted?

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Update: The News was just a Rumor 🙂

There is a news circulating among Markets and Business Community that Bank Alfalah, Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) and NIB have been declared defaulters. many people are insisting me and others to withdraw everything I have in accounts in these banks.. Though, I believe its just a rumor, and trying to confirm the authenticity of the news from some reliable sources.

Same things are told about Standard Chartered Bank as well.. but It looks pretty impossible for such big groups getting bankrupt.

I will also be updating this post once the news is confirmed. Any information from the readers will entitle for equal reputation.

Sep 30

Eid Mubarak to All Muslims!!

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I wish everyone a very Happy Eid, And I wish everyone’s wishes come true!

My wishes are especially with the people of Pakistan, living in the border areas, who are suffering from tentions every now and then! I hope all that so-called war-against-terrorism ends very soon and people live a happy and peaceful life.

And I pray, Allah! please show our leaders the right path, and help us with the tough time we are going through here in Pakistan.

Sep 21

Suicide attacks in Pakistan. Where are we going?

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Though I tend to avoid discussing religious or political issues anymore, but the things happening in Pakistan is driving me and every Pakistani crazy.

Who is dying? our own people.. The so-called war-against-terrorism has finally come into our own homeland. America on the other hand has no problems, their people are safe in their country, and living a happy life.. but whats happening to others? Dying! Seriously, the war is not killing any militants, but the civilians.

We need a solution.. and the only solution is to stop the war against Taliban! only then we can expect no Suicide attacks! If our politicians and the world think that they will completely eliminate Talibans.. they are fools. They just can’t kill them all. They must stop fighting… there is no other way to save Pakistan now.

I just cant express my feelings in words. All I can do is.. PRAY! And I really wish that everything goes well for us!

To the American Government: If you’re really honest, take some talibans to your country… and fight them there 🙂 Risk your people’s lives, and then see what your people feel for you!

Note: I’m in no way affiliated with Taliban, any religious or political organization, Military, Government, or anyAgency. All this is how I and other Pakistanis feel. I didn’t mean to offend and don’t hold any responsibility if anyone feels offended after reading this.

Aug 14

Pakistan Tour – Back to Karachi

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Photo GalleryUpdating Daily

I am back 🙂 here is the date-wise detail of the tour:

Aug 06, 2008: Left Karachi at 4:00 AM; reached lahore in about 18.5 hours.
Aug 07, 2008: Left Lahore via GT Road, had lunch with a friend in Gujranwala, Reached Murree, and slept.
Aug 08, 2008: Left Murree, Drove through Ayyubia, Nathiagali, Abottabad, Mansehra, and Balakot.. Reached Shogran at night and stayed there.
Aug 09, 2008: Visited Siri and Payye in Jeep, and left for Naran. Reached Naraan in the evening and visited Lake Saif-ul-Maluk via Jeep.
Aug 10, 2008: Visited Jalkhud and Lulusar. Could not visit Noori Top due to bad weather and heavy rain. Left Naran in the evening and reached Muzaffarabad, Azad Jammu Kashmir through Balakot, in the night.
Aug 11, 2008: Visited Pir Chinasi in a Taxi, and left for Multan in the evening
Aug 12, 2008: Reached Multan in the morning, stayed there till night..
Aug 13, 2008: Left for Karachi at 3:00 AM, Reached Karachi in 12 hours 🙂

Total cost incurred Rs. 38000, divided among 4 persons 🙂 We travelled approximately 3600 KM in our car. About Rs.9000 of CNG and Rs.2500 of Petrol used.

The tour was awesome, we enjoyed alot.. will be uploading photos very soon.

May 28

28 May, Youm-e-Takbeer

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Pakistan became 7th atomic power on May 28th, 1998.

In 1965, our exports were more than Singapore, Indonesia, S.Kore, Hong Kong and Maldives combined. NY Times wrote pakistan’s progress in post WW-II period was only 2nd to US and a great example of nation building.

We can do it again if we stay united and committed to Pakistan!

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